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All You Need is Love and...Chocolate!

Happy Valentine's Day or Galentine's Day! With whatever your celebrating this year I hope that you make time for yourself and appreciate all the greatness in your life. This is honestly one of my favourite "holidays" but really I think Valentine's Day should be an obligatory day off (who agrees?!). But in all seriousness what really draws me to love Valentine's Day soooo much is the simple gestures to remind your loved ones and friends how much they mean to you. Letting the people closest to you know how you feel about them can be the most simplest ways to put a smile onto someone's face. I would genuinely say that I am the type of person that always thinks "I would like it if someone said that to me, or did this for me" so I should do it for them.

Stay tuned for some fun, easy, and simple but thoughtful Valentine's/Galentine's date and gift ideas!

If you truly know me, you know that I NEVER wear red. I absolutely love the colour and wish I could pull it off and especially a bright red lip (unfortunately not my thing...I've tried so many). I've also never had much luck with thrifting anything but thankfully Value Village came through!!! And I found this sweater in the men's section. A simple and cost effective idea is to stroll and scan the never ending isles of Value Village (one man's junk is another man's treasure!) and search for a little vase or votive that can hold a few flowers.

Alright... this idea might be the lowest cost but highest reward (for me anyways!). Every. Single. Girl I know would be smitten if they walked into their house/room to see some heart shaped balloons. Even just one balloon will do the trick. Surprises are best!

I created this Valentine's Day table and as a backdrop and I found this heart patterned wrapping paper. You could choose any design you wish, or keep it simple with brown wrapping paper and add your own elements. My personal favourite flowers are Gerber's and these ones just happened to be in one of my current favourite colours, millennial pink! To give the flowers some height I flipped my tin tray over. Add your favourite saying, and a cake and your dessert table is good to go!

A fun valentines card!

I have to give it to Pinterest, they have some great ideas. I found this fun and personable card that you can give to all your friends. I used this template for my friends and added some fun photos and memories to the gift. The best part about this template is that you can add your own messages and memories to ensure the most personalized gift. Then I sent it through the mail, and crossing my fingers it shows up right on Valentine's Day. You can also send these via email if that suites you better. I wish I could see the smiles this little package will give my friends when they receive it.

Fun Valentine's Date Ideas:

  • Make dinner together for a night in

  • Build a movie fort

  • A bonfire on the beach (weather permitting)

  • Beer or wine tasting

  • Couples spa retreat

  • The CLASSIC heart shaped pizza from Boston Pizza

Galentine's Night Ideas:


  • Spin class (or any workout class)

  • Cupcake baking and decorating

  • Valentine crafternoon (card making or bouquet arrangements)

  • Potluck dinner

  • Movie marathon of Fifty Shades of Grey

I hope you found these fun little ideas useful! Happiest of Valentine's Days.

-Okanagan Events Girl

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