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Establishing connections in the industry you work in is so crucial to seeing personal growth and overall success. Throughout this blog post I am going to be touching on my journey with social media (specifically Instagram) and how it has allowed me to connect with local vendors, get jobs and meet amazing local creatives! Stay tuned!

Social media has been such an asset to my brand and encouraging me to connect with industry professionals. My Instagram and blog have allowed me to create awareness of local hotspots, share my personal journey with university, and showcase the beautiful place in which I live (The Okanagan Valley). Seriously, the amount of creatives in this area is amazing and it is so cool to see how supportive people are in the industry, I learn a lot from these inspiring Boss Babes.

The game has changed when it comes to applying for jobs, as many creative businesses and companies advertise their job postings on Instagram. I have seen a numerous amount of job postings on Instagram and this is the number one way I have applied for jobs and most recently was hired by Dream Big Weddings & Events. I have also become aware of exclusive events via social media, which foster and build community connection. Originally I started Okanagan Events Girl as a creative outlet to showcase the events I had assisted with, and now it has turned into so much more. Now it is a brand, it is a connection source and a fun creative outlet to express my love for events, style, and the wonderful Okanagan Valley!

Here are some local Boss Babes who have encouraged, inspired and helped me with creating the life I want to live! I want to give all of them the credit they deserve and showcase all of their amazing effort they put into their careers every single day.

Who inspires and supports me:

MJM Collaboration

Mackenzie has been a friend, teammate, roommate and fashion inspiration for almost four years now and recently we have ventured together in supporting each other's online branding journey! Navigating the online marketing world would not be the same without this beauty by my side, she is the best to bounce ideas off of and share in both the failures and successes of trying to build a successful brand. Mackenzie inspires me through her dedication and commitment to her industry and her willingness to immerse herself in the social media management industry. Truly she is the poster child of taking risks, being involved and dedicated to whatever comes her way! If you are in need of social media management and marketing related tasks Mackenzie with MJM Collaboration is your girl!

Earthling Stone Wear

Dani of Earthling Stone Wear has recently started her own business where she sells the most beautiful handmade jewelry derived from natural stones. With each stone comes their own positive energy which withholds a different meaning based upon the stone. I have a rose quartz necklace from Earthling Stone Wear which represent determination, commitment, and caring. Rose quartz is also all things love! It heals the heart from the inside out to create space to give and receive love. Dani's energy and supportiveness towards my career and life goals are so inspiring, supportive, and motivational. She lives her life with a fun, energic and loving look upon everyone she meets. I had the pleasure of meeting Dani last Summer while working for Mint Julep Creative Events and I truly looked forward to each wedding working along side such an awesome team! I am looking forward to more Okanagan Summer days with Dani and seeing where her future goes with Earthling Stone Wear... I know she has some future goals for this which I will hold her to!

Petal and Vow

I had the pleasure of working alongside Jenner of Petal and Vow at a variety of weddings throughout the 2018 Summer season. She is one of the most creative and talented floral designers I have ever met and her work is stunning! You will definitely want to check out her Instagram and follow along to see all the beautiful masterpieces she creates this wedding season. Jenner has such an amazing ability to stay calm on the most stressful days of set up and busy schedules, driving all throughout the valley to create beautiful floral displays. Jenner has been fundamental in supporting my journey into the events industry and I am looking forward to seeing her around the events scene this Summer!

Sincerely Courtney

Where do I begin? Courtney has been an amazing supporter of my events and blogging journey since day one! Courtney has recently launched a new series on her Instagram where you can buy all of her adorable finds that she has thrifted and purchase them, she has killer style so you should definitely check it out! Courtney is one of those people that we have become very good online friends but have never met in person - sooo that needs to change ASAP! New wine tour buddy... I think YES! But on a more serious note Courtney has used her Instagram platform to showcase her style, connect with local bloggers and share her story. I believe supporting other women in business is so crucial to the success of every single female entrepreneur, and without Courtney's support I would not be where I am today! So thank you and I can't wait to meet you in person soon.

My Most Inspirational Quotes Right Now:

  • Empowered women, empower women - Unknown

  • Success is only meaningful and enjoyable if it feels like your own - Michelle Obama

  • Behind every successful woman is a tribe of successful women who have her back - Unknown

The words I live by most are "Just Start", as I always say there is never a perfect time for anything. Life is always changing and is never constant. By just starting now it will benefit you in the future! This has been the biggest lesson I have learnt from this creative process of mine. In the beginning I could not decide on a name for my blog and I spent a total of six months trying to decide on a name. I then came up with Okanagan Events Girl, and at first I always intended to change it but it started to grow on me and now Okanagan Events Girl is here to stay! I hope this blog post shines a light on the positive aspects that social media communication provides and I look forward to all the amazing boss babes I get to connect with next!

Let's Connect @okgneventsgirl

Photo was taken at Painted Rock Estate Winery

This blog post is associated as part of a school project with Vancouver Island University. Below I will share the results of my survey! Thank you to all who participated.

To summarize this survey it can be stated that social media is a current networking platform that can enhance industry knowledge and awareness of local networking opportunities. From the respondents of this survey 81.8% said that Instagram was their preferred platform, while 54.6% of respondents said they used three different social media platforms to market their brand. I found it interesting reading all the ways in which local community members use social media to connect. I found out about new ways in which I can personally increase my social connection, via Facebook groups. One of the biggest shifts I have noticed regarding Instagram in specific, is the recent change from a social connection tool to a personal branding strategy and this is a mandatory marketing tactic in the tourism and events industry. This survey also helped my personal brand by identifying which platform people have connected with on Okanagan Event Girl, Instagram being the most frequent place people interacted with my brand. All respondents agreed to share their result information

Thank you for your insight and for reading!


- Okanagan Events Girl

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