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Cosmetic Culture Sport + Spa Experience

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Cosmetic Culture Sport + Spa to experience their services last week! I am so thankful that Cosmetic Culture provided me with a complimentary service of my choice. I have never had any sort of skin treatment done before but have always wanted to try it. I do struggle with cystic acne and scaring so if there is anything that can help I am all in! My appointment was made by being contacted via Instagram which is so forward thinking. I definitely loved the ability to book via social media, although they do have easy online booking as well. I was not sure of the type of service I wanted (since they offer so many!) so I was booked in for a Be C-een consultation. Once my date was booked I had to reschedule and Brittany with Cosmetic Culture was so accommodating and we easily found a date and time that worked for me.

As I walked into Cosmetic Culture I was warmly welcomed by Brittany! It felt like we had known each other for years. She gave me a tour of the beautiful facility (more photos to come). Brittany showed me each room and the different services that they provide from Dermaplaning, Vitamin Therapies IV + IM, and my personal favourite service name the Netflix and Sweat (ah ya you read that right)! There are two waiting areas, each which is decorated with detail in mind. They have in store shopping called The Valley Boutique which showcases some awesome local brands such as Burnette the Label, Milk + Honey, Malvados, Apartment 415 and DermaQuest Skin care products.

Before my Be C-een consultation with Brandie I was offered cold water to enjoy! Staying hydrated is such an important aspect to having healthy skin (I should really take my own advice here!). From there, Brandie sat down with me and we talked about my skin goals, the products I currently use and what I have struggled with in the past regarding my skin. Brandie was so knowledgeable and she recommended the Hydrabrasion Facial. The Hydrabrasion Facial is a vacuum-controlled exfoliation which cleanses and nourishes the skin. It was so soothing and relaxing and made my skin feel so clean!

Each room has a unique wallpaper which adds to the overall aesthetic of Cosmetic Culture. Fittingly enough I got the pineapple wallpaper room which was so cute! During the treatment I felt relaxed as I was offered a warm blanket. My Hydrabrasion Facial started with a cleanser and exfoliation, and my favourite part a warm towel placed on your face. The Hydrabrasion Facial did not even hurt a little, which this was something I was worried about going into the treatment. I have always struggled with dry lips and the Hydrabrasion Facial removes with dead skin and cleanses all facial and neck areas.

Hydrabrasion Facial Before, After and During

BEFORE (no makeup, no filter, in natural light)

The above photo was taken on an iPhone in natural lighting and no filter. This was my skin before the treatment. In this photo my acne is irritated and raised. I have always struggled in my T-zone.



Directly after the Hydrabrasion Facial I did see some redness in my skin but that lasted about two hours. Brandie recommended not to wear makeup for at least 24 hours. I went about 48 hours with no makeup.

AFTER (2 hours after Hydrabrasion Facial)

Even just two hours after my treatment I noticed my acne toned down a bit and a drastic change in skin softness. This made me really excited to put makeup on when I could.

AFTER (6 days after, no makeup, no filter, natural light)

I now notice that the redness is completely toned down and my spots are not as inflamed.

AFTER (6 days after facial, with makeup, no filter)

My absolute favourite part is how smoothly my makeup goes on! I struggled with dry skin and the Hydrabrasion Facial was just what I needed to kick off my skin for Summer.

AFTER (with makeup, with filter, indoor lighting)

I am so happy with the freshness and smoothness of my skin! I can't wait to go back to Cosmetic Culture Sport + Spa!

Events and Wedding Prep

Ladies + Gents, going to Cosmetic Culture before your big day would be highly recommended to ensure your skin looks its best and sits well under makeup! The best part is if you have too much fun at a wedding this Summer Cosmetic Culture has Hangover Cures you might just wanna check out for yourself!

*A big thank you to Cosmetic Culture for hosting me at their location. All opinions are my own. This post is associated with Cosmetic Culture.

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