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My 21st Birthday Celebration

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

I thought I would take time to share with you my 21st birthday celebration! I really want to provide some fun and simple tips that lead to an epic garden party (because they are my favourite!!) First of all I am lucky enough to have my birthday at the end of Summer! So it is still warm enough to still be drinking that Rose (but who am I kidding I drink that all year!).

Is it even acceptable now a days to throw a birthday bash without giant number balloons? Anyways... as basic as they are I absolutely love them and they truly add attention to any birthday bash. Ps, trying to get a picture of these balloons while outside in the wind isn't as perfect as it looks.

Taking a close second in my favourite category is backless summer dresses! There is something so simply elegant and pretty about them! This dress is from Showpo (2018 online retailer of the year!) and is my favourite Summer dress I own, it is also a perfect wedding guest outfit. To shop this dress click here

As any girl in the 21st century I get my inspiration for everything I do via Pinterest, whether that be fashion, recipes, interior design, or events. The best way to try and make your Pinterest dreams come true is by throwing a meaningful and cost effective celebration. This can be done by curating your party from what you have, this is sometimes a challenge but can provide the best results... not to mention challenging your creativity.

To match my eclectic style I used a variety of my own succulents that I had, all in different pots because that's how I roll...LOL (more like I am indecisive and couldn't decide upon just a few). The most practical but pretty design element of an event is an umbrella. There is just something about them that says... I'm fancy, but without getting a sunburn.

Using a wheelbarrow as a place to store and cool drinks is the epitome of backyard shenanigans and it just so happens that this one said "Corona" on it...HOW PERFECT!

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