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New Year... Motivated Me?

Hello 2019!!! My favourite thing about the new year is the fresh start, aaand the excuse to buy cute notebooks and calendars! For all my calendar, cookbook and notebook needs I always stroll around my favourite past time store.. Chapters & Indigo (I truly feel inspired to be a healthier and happy person around there). So thanks Chapters and Indigo (haha).

My 2018 goal was to complete and launch a blog and website, which I completed with one day to spare (oops). 2019 will be a year of accomplishment and change for me as I will receive my Bachelors Degree in Tourism and Recreation Management. This has been a long road (4 years!) but post secondary education is one the most beneficial aspects for myself. By being in university I have truly identified my passion. Luckily for me I can turn my "passion into a profession". With my focus in design and event management I will also be pursuing my event management certificate come April via online courses. I believe this credential will ultimately narrow my focus and be greatly noticed when applying for event specified jobs in the future. I have started this blog so people in the industry of event management can get to know a little more about me through my experience, my background and my current interests.

I do have a love for all things pretty and pink (yes I am girly I know) but I truly want to start embracing this aspect about myself. These fresh starts encourage me to reflect upon the past and look forward to the future.

For Christmas I got this letter board which is very trendy right now and also makes for a great backdrop piece. I plan to put a new saying that is positive on it each week that encourages me to get through my final semester of university.

2019 Resolutions:

  • Drink more H20

  • Stretch daily (hopefully be able to touch my toes!!! Shameful I know)

  • I want to use technology less (contrary to writing this blog on my computer)

  • Forget things easier

  • Read a book for pleasure

  • Attend fitness classes and go to the gym (I've signed up for both!)

  • Eat healthier

  • Really get into blogging (so here I am lol)

  • Graduate with my Tourism and Recreation Management Degree

  • Graduate with an Event Planning Certificate

  • Put a positive quote on the letter board each week

Having an inspiring workplace is a must for me! But I have recently learned to love working in coffee shops. I used to find them distracting and loud but now I put in my headphones and throw on some Jack Johnson and hit the books. It has actually been said that coffee shops are proven to make people more productive (as stated here!!) and I agree with this but probably because people are watching you not be productive and continuously scrolling through that Pinterest Page (guilty!).


Thank you for reading this blog post! I hope that 2019 encourages you to achieve new goals and accomplish new tasks! All the best.

-Okanagan Events Girl

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